Temperature Conversion


Temperature is the measure of how hot or cold and object/item or environment is usually measured on a thermometer scale. Temperature can be measure/recorded either as Celsius (℃), Fahrenheit (℉), Kelvin (K) Reaumur or Rankine. Temperature is a very important of our lives at it will always affect the crops we grow, animals reared, places we go for holidays, clothes we wear, etc. The most popular temperature units are℃ and ℉.

Converting between various temperature units

Fahrenheit = Celsius * 1.8 + 32

Celsius = (℉ – 32)/1.8

Kelvin = + 273.15

Celsius = K – 273.15

Kelvin = ( + 459.67) * 5 / 9

Fahrenheit = K * 9/5 – 459.67 

Temperature conversions

Celsius to Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit to Celsius
Celsius to Kelvin

Fahrenheit to Kelvin
Reaumur to Rankine
Celsius to Reaumur
Fahrenheit  to Reaumur
Reaumur to Fahrenheit
Celsius to Rankine
Fahrenheit to Rankine
Kelvin to Rankine
Rankine to Celsius
Rankine to Fahrenheit
Rankine to Kelvin

kelvin [K]:
degree Celsius [°C]:
degree Fahrenheit [°F]:
degree Rankine [°R]:
degree Reaumur [°r]:
Triple point of water: