How many ounces in a gallon?

Here is an easy unit conversion solution for 1 gallon to ounces (oz)? This is a one step solution that you can use with any unit conversion problem. The solution involves multiplying the number of ounces with a conversion constant (0.0078125). US Customary gallons, Cups and Ounces are non SI units that are either applied in the US and UK as Customary or Imperial units. The usage of these units varies widely depending on the region, industry, etc.

What is 1 Gallon in ounces (oz)?

|=> 1 Gallon in oz =
1 gallon * 128
= 128 oz (us)

Conversion chart for Ounce (oz) to Gallons

US galUS oz
1 US gal128.01521812648 US oz
2 US gal256.03043625296 US oz
3 US gal384.04565437944 US oz
4 US gal512.06087250592 US oz
5 US gal640.0760906324 US oz
6 US gal768.09130875888 US oz
7 US gal896.10652688536 US oz
8 US gal1024.1217450118 US oz
9 US gal1152.1369631383 US oz
10 US gal1280.1521812648 US oz
20 US gal2560.3043625296 US oz
30 US gal3840.4565437944 US oz
40 US gal5120.6087250592 US oz
50 US gal6400.760906324 US oz
60 US gal7680.9130875888 US oz
70 US gal8961.0652688536 US oz
80 US gal10241.217450118 US oz
90 US gal11521.369631383 US oz
100 US gal12801.521812648 US oz
200 US gal25603.043625296 US oz
300 US gal38404.565437944 US oz
400 US gal51206.087250592 US oz
500 US gal64007.60906324 US oz
600 US gal76809.130875888 US oz
700 US gal89610.652688536 US oz
800 US gal102412.17450118 US oz
900 US gal115213.69631383 US oz
1000 US gal128015.21812648 US oz

Gallons, Cups and Ounces are not SI units but UK imperial and US customary measurement system units. However, they are not formally recognized by other countries as metric units.