Volume Conversion

The base unit for volume metric system is liter. 1 liter is the volume of fluid that occupies 1000 cubic centimeters.

Other volume metric system units include; milliliter, centiliter, deciliter, deciliter, hectoliter, kiloliter, etc

You can also convert volume units from Imperial or US customary units to metric system units and vice versa.

The conversion rules/factors vary widely. Follow the links below for specific conversion instructions from one unit to the other.

cubic meter [m3]:
cubic kilometer [km3]:
cubic decimeter [dm3]:
cubic centimeter [cm3, cc]:
cubic millimeter [mm3]:
liter [L, l]:
exaliter [EL]:
petaliter [PL]:
teraliter [TL]:
gigaliter [GL]:
megaliter [ML]:
kiloliter [kL]:
hectoliter [hL]:
dekaliter [daL]:
deciliter [dL]:
centiliter [cL]:
milliliter [mL]:
microliter [µL]:
nanoliter [nL]:
picoliter [pL]:
femtoliter [fL]:
attoliter [aL]:
cc [cc, cm3]:
barrel (oil) [bbl (oil), bbl (petroleum)]:
barrel (US) [bbl (US), bbl liq (US), bbl fluid, fl-bbl]:
barrel (UK) [bbl (UK)]:
gallon (US) [gal (US), gal liq (US), gal]:
gallon (UK) [gal (UK)]:
quart (US) [qt (US), qt liq (US)]:
quart (UK) [qt (UK)]:
pint (US) [pt (US), pt liq (US)]:
pint (UK) [pt (UK)]:
cup (US):
cup (metric):
cup (UK):
fluid ounce (US) [fl oz (US)]:
fluid ounce (UK) [fl oz (UK)]:
tablespoon (US):
tablespoon (metric):
tablespoon (UK):
dessertspoon (US):
dessertspoon (UK):
teaspoon (US):
teaspoon (metric):
teaspoon (UK):
gill (US) [gi]:
gill (UK) [gi (UK)]:
minim (US):
minim (UK):
cubic mile [mi3]:
cubic yard [yd3]:
cubic foot [ft3]:
cubic inch [in3]:
ton register [ton reg]:
hundred-cubic foot:
acre-foot [ac*ft]:
acre-foot (US survey) [ac*ft]:
acre-inch [ac*in]:
stere [st]:
cord [cd]:
board foot:
dram [dr]:
cor (Biblical):
homer (Biblical):
bath (Biblical):
hin (Biblical):
cab (Biblical):
log (Biblical):
Taza (Spanish):
Earth’s volume: